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The alternative art market report

Brush up on the latest stats

How can we appreciate, or even make art, in the present age?

A guide to the machinations of the finance sector

The era of data extraction


Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek

Art elsewhere; is artworld art becoming increasingly irrelevant?


Influencing The Void Caroline Busta for Kaleidoscope magazine

How big tech will emerge stronger from the Covid pandemic


Big Tech Could Emerge From Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever Daisuke Wakabayashi, Jack Nicas, Steve Lohr and Mike Isaac for The New York Times


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Net art, just not on the web


How online exhibitions can be more than a second rate substitute for the ‘real’ thing


Curating Online Exhibitions Michael Connor for Rhizome

Internet art is no longer determined by its existence on the web

Can approaching art as information reveal new ways of collecting?


Art NFTs boom? What’s that about?


The Quick: Nonfungible Tokens Cointelegraph magazine

Net art can be sold too

When digital avatar Lil Miquela signed to the one of the world’s premier talent agencies


Trevor McFedries (Brud / Lil Miquela) Interdependence, episode 3

Can crypto catalyse more equitable models of ownership?

Blockchain should be about more than ‘banking the unbanked’


Ethereum is a Casino Lane Rettig for

Are peer-to-peer networks prepared for an increasingly hostile online environment?

All too often pervasive digital technologies reinforce systemic racism


Race After Technology by Ruha Benjamin

Pandemic adaption for convention culture

How microtransactions in games are powering industry growth

How the market for born digital art will grow

Taking inspiration from indie games distribution and sales models


Funding models which build out the creative ecosystem


More than an OVR

Meet, collaborate in virtually in person


Furies: communities of economic solidarity

Open Source resources and collaboration for net- and computational culture


Open source art market


Reconfiguring infrastructure to take back agency

What if Patreon was a cooperative?



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A critical appraisal of the plantation economic model

<Academic Paper>

A scholarly subaltern critique on the historiography of the British Empire


Capitalism and Slavery by Dr Eric Williams

Takashi Murakami; transforming the rules of the market

A different model for a VR sculptural installation – towards a new museology

<Case Study>

FACT/ Federation of International Museums (FIHRM) by Lucia Arias & Neil Winterburn, on behalf of FACT

Lucid visibility; a catalogue of Black talent and sentiment


A Directory For The Black British Zeitgeist, Samuel Ross for Dazed magazine

Inclusion isn’t enough

This work isn’t for us

On the relationship between gender, technology and identity


Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto, by Legacy Russell

Go Off Sis podcast for Black History Month

How successful black artists are building out future generations

Artist as… is it time for the artworld to embrace merch, brand collaborations..?

Spur virtual residency


Lonnie Bunch’s inspiring career centring African American stories at the heart of the American story

The Gudskul for collective working


Are traditional endorsement mechanisms being eroded, and is it a good thing?


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Reimagining how, to what and to whom we ascribe value

Why and how we need to improve the future of community arts organisations

The power of art as felt knowledge


Making Art vs Market Research Ben Eastham for Art Review

Collecting as practice


The Evolving Collector: Collecting as a Beginning Art Basel conversation moderated by Rose LeJeune

The end of the Blockbuster era?

Local reckoning

Zine and support network for aspiring Muslim artists


‘The Squeeze’ on artists and the financialisation of the art market


New forms of support for performance practice

On NADA’s new cooperatively run art ‘FAIR’


In the absence of Art Basel Miami the city turns to local artists and business

Beyond the marque: Art fairs such as Artissima are expanding their boundaries

How networks and participatory practice in the artworld often fail to move beyond neoliberalism values


Your Everyday Art World by Lane Relyea

German government provides vital boost to the art market by increasing its acquisitions budget


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Sharing Economies; the basics


Sharing Economy Investopedia

Manifesting a sharing economy; a range of viewpoints

Supporting rather than owning art


Can the art market thrive in a sharing economy? Melanie Gerlis for The Art Newspaper

Carving out a space in the sharing economy

The ways in which artists can be supported are expanding

Collaborative platform for ‘living art’

How cryptopunks paved the way for unique digital art editions

‘This is a defining moment of change in how art is accessed’

Supporting and celebrating Hong Kong’s art scene amidst Covid-19

Kinder forms of capitalism

Who is buying online?

Navigating the challenges of ‘disruptive’ innovation

What does Instagram mean for the art market?


How about a chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic feed?


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